Your Business: 11 Rules for Powerful Twitter Marketing

Embracing social media will lead to greater brand awareness, leads and ultimately, sales

Automation was and is sometimes seen as a threat to the free world by social media purists. They view social networks as only to be used for conversations and not marketing. The truth is that you cannot do “social at scale” for marketing if you do not use some form of automation. A couple of tools that I have found essential are Twitterfeed and also a low-cost monthly subscription platform, Socialoomph – Professional Edition. Beyond those, there’s a huge array of different automation tools for tweeting, including link-shortening services like, organization services like Hootsuite, and the list goes on (Google “Twitter automation tools” to get an idea). For corporate social media marketing, you will need to consider using platforms from Hubspot and Marketo for small to medium businesses up to Enterprise level software such as Sprinklr and Adobe if you are a larger corporation.

The principle I have found to work for me is “automate the content distribution but not the conversation” — this will keep you real but also efficient.


#7 Grow your Twitter Tribe

Continue working at building your Twitter followers. One of the keys to this is using the principle of reciprocation. Actively follow people and they will feel a certain obligation to follow you back. The success of this is then linked to a few factors, such as having a link to your website or blog which should display great content , exhibits credibility and shows social proof. If you look substantial and popular then people are more likely to follow back.

Just like email, you will have the equivalent of “un-subscribe” — it is called “un-follow.” It happens all the time, so if you lose a few followers here and there, don’t break into tears. Just continue to focus producing the best content you can for your followers.


#8 Target your Audience

I made a lot of mistakes along the way on Twitter, and one of them was following anyone who had a Twitter heartbeat. During my social media adolescence I followed large Twitter users who had nothing to do with my target market or topic.

Using the Twitter tool (paid version) I can follow followers of others in my niche(s). For me that includes blogging, social media, digital and content marketing. These are qualified groups of followers, and the principle of reciprocation does the rest. Some follow you back!


#9 @Mention Others

The tactic of using @mentions when tweeting their content means they will notice you in their stream. There are some I can notice right now! I share about 25 bloggers content on a consistent basis and the @mention is always used when sharing their valuable content. This can lead to being able to connect and network. It is also an affirmation that you appreciate the content.


#10 Engage

Engagement is a term that is frequently overused — often to its detriment on social media. What it really means is that you thank people (when you can), share their content, have conversations and in general just have some personable fun. It will surprise you to where it will lead. One challenge you will find as you grow your follower network into the thousands is keeping up the personal engagement. I am still working on that.


#11 Persist

Organic Twitter marketing success does not happen overnight. Sure, you can pay for Twitter advertising to accelerate the process, but the seduction of earning your follower base rather than pulling out the credit card is one of the attractions of social media for me. So, persist with growing your followers, engaging with others and distributing their and your content on a consistent basis and the results will show up!


Jeff Bullas is a blogger, author, strategist and speaker who works with companies to optimize online company presence and brand with digital and social media marketing. His book, Blogging the Smart Way, and his informative blog are available at