Hunter of Success

SD&I Fast50 #3: For Securityhunter CEO Michael Rogers, a rocky road has led to a destination of tremendous achievement

“For our subcontractors, we want to make sure that they are successful and that they want to partner with us,” Rogers continues. “I protect my subs like a lioness or a female bear protecting cubs. I don’t let any harm come to them because they are doing it for us, and I will always make sure they get paid. They know they are safe with us, and that’s a big deal. Plus we are non-threatening because we are way too small to be able to take any of their accounts. Who’s afraid of a 14-person company?”

Rogers works with larger integrators like Johnson Controls and Intergraph, but he also works with a lot of smaller companies that have great relationships with the end-user. “We’re signing up (smaller) integration firms and helping them succeed because they are really good at what they are doing,” he says. “If you run your shop ethically and the clients love you, then we’ll form a brotherhood.”


Advice to Others

For Rogers, it has been a long road fraught with peril, but obviously for him, the destination justified the journey. Remember that $2 million in debt? He paid it off in less than a year. “Along the way I started learning because I refused to die,” he says. “I have a military mind, so I see things in war analogies — I execute war strategies that I and others have made up, and I implement those strategies in the business environment.”

As far as advice for other companies hoping to accomplish what he has, Rogers’ is simple — it’s the mantra he’s done business by for decades: “Burn the ships,” he says. “Believe that what you are doing is really important. Just be you and stay true to that.”


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A Closer Look

Company: Securityhunter


HQ: Baltimore

Principals: Mike Rogers, CEO; Nancy Rogers, President

Year founded: 1988

Number of employees: 14

Residential/Commercial split: 100 percent commercial

Top partners: Johnson Controls, Intergraph Corp., PriceWaterhouse