Growth Squared: The 2014 SD&I Fast50

The 3rd Annual SD&I Fast50, honoring the fastest-growing security dealers and integrators in North America

American Defense Systems, No. 7 “ADS has continued to focus on multiple avenues to generate new customers,” explains President Curtis Kindred. “In this industry, there are too many factors that could take out just a single avenue of generating sales. We have worked with residential builders and real estate firms. In our major market of Texas, people are buying and building homes all over — this is a very significant part of our business.” 

SecureXperts Inc., No. 8 (tie) “SecureXperts has established a relationship of being a reliable partner to our customers and being a one-stop shop for meeting both their physical security and information security requirements,” explains President & CEO Darnell Washington. “The need for more effective security products and solutions continue to be in demand despite the country’s economic troubles. The vertical markets that we have found the most growth in over the past couple of years has been in the areas of healthcare, financial and industrial control technologies in the cyber-physical security market.”

Cam Connections, No. 8 (tie) “We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into process improvement since 2011 — we analyzed our pain points, and then focused on minimizing or eliminating those shortcomings,” says CEO Chris Lesnewski. “Some key improvements as a result are much better hiring practices, improved communication, highly specialized roles/training, and employee retention and satisfaction. Education and retail have been the growth markets for us. There is still much fear over random acts of violence and concern for public safety, and understandably so.”

Blue Violet Networks, No. 10 “It is important to focus on the enterprise customer who has record earnings and balance sheets,” says owner John Paul. “We deliver operational security solutions with a true ROI helping their bottom line and improving customer service.”
Adds sales executive Chad Gordon: “We have seen growth across a number of vertical markets by delivering tailored solutions that meet many departmental needs allowing for CFOs to draw from multiple budgets creating much larger projects than was previously possible.”


Advice for Future Fast50 Companies
So what would it take for your company to rank in the 2015 Fast50? Beyond making sure you enter by the deadline next year at, we asked this year’s crop of companies what advice they would give, and here are some of the responses: 

Netronix Integration, No. 11 “Sell the services of your company as a value-add, but be sure you actually deliver the added value,” explains VP Steve Piechota. “Otherwise, you’ll have a one-project client and won’t have the opportunity to build a long-term partnership.”

Rapid Security Solutions LLC, No. 13 (tie) “You can’t become a fast-growth company by simply trying to grow fast — companies grow fast because they offer a product/service/solution package valued by clients,” says President & CEO Steven Paley. “Companies must develop a clearly defined and unique value proposition and client service strategy. Once that is in place, a commitment to process and procedure that supports those strategies will lead to higher growth.”

Stone Security, No. 24 (tie) “Figure out what you do well and specialize your business around those things,” says Stephen Edmunds, founder and CEO. “Find out who your best partners are and focus on those relationships and products.  Don’t try to be everything to everybody.”

Integrated Security & Communications, No. 26 “Examine your decisions from the customer’s perspective first,” notes Tom Catagnus, President & COO. “Trust your core competencies and constantly promote creative thinking. Never compromise on quality, integrity and character. Instill passion and fun, but be disciplined and focused on delivery.”

Koorsen Security Technology, No. 28 (tie) “Invest in your people,” says President Skip Sampson. “You will not have your company listed on the Fast50 on your own efforts — it can only be accomplished with hard-working people that are trained and motivated for success.”

Advanced Cabling Systems, No. 28 (tie) “Listen more and talk less,” notes President Michael Kennedy. “Be welcoming to client criticism and use it to change and evolve. People do business with people, no matter how big of a market or how big of a company.”
Fidei Group Inc., No. 33 “Do not fear change,” warns President Steve Schabaker. “Our industry is rapidly changing and new technologies will help to fuel your growth.”