Growth Squared: The 2014 SD&I Fast50

The 3rd Annual SD&I Fast50, honoring the fastest-growing security dealers and integrators in North America

AlphaCorp Security, No. 21 “Our growth is due in large part to our customers’ belief in the value we create, and an increasing awareness of that in our market,” says CEO Mike Painter. 
My Alarm Center dba Alarm Capital Alliance, No. 22 (tie) “It includes thorough due diligence, transparent relationships with sellers/partners, close focus on the bottom line and high-quality customer service,” says Tammy Biel, VP of Marketing. “These are just some of the things that drive success and growth.”

Envision Security, No. 22 (tie) “We attribute our success to the ‘pay it forward’ concept,” says President Darryl Johnson. “Without a customer or a happy customer you cannot succeed. We also create a fun, collective environment to work in, because happy employees drive success.”
Star Asset Security, No. 24 “To grow a great company, you must have a long-term mindset,” says Executive VP Robert Hirschy. “We look for long-term, (10-year) employees that are looking for a career instead of a job; long-term vendor partners; and long-term customers that we can stand beside and partner with.”

Protection 1, No. 26 “Through our customer relationships, call center delivery and local branch expertise and attention, we boast the lowest attrition in the industry, and certainly, low attrition has been a factor in our growth,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Haenggi. “Secondly, we bring innovation to how we run the business; and and lastly, we believe in investing in our employees through training, development, opportunities and personal interest.”

Continental Computers & WLANmall, No. 28 (tie) “Our growth can be attributed to one key philosophy — one size does NOT fit all,” CEO Ezie Isaac says. “By having a deep technical knowledge of all of our products and a comprehensive understanding of networking, we are able to fully understand our customers’ needs.”

Firstline Security Integration, No. 28 (tie) “We listen to our customer’s needs and fulfill them in a cost-effective and timely manner,” says CEO and founder Steve Morefield. 

Vector Security, No. 32 “We provide our people with the training and resources they need to be successful; and company-wide focus on providing personal, customized support,” says VP of Marketing Art Miller. “Ongoing surveys, customer feedback and monitoring consumer trends keeps us on track and helps us get better.”

Pro-Vigil Inc., No. 35 “We were able to stimulate growth by doubling our sales force in 2013,” says CEO Jeremy White. “This move allows us to provide our services in every major market in the U.S. We are expecting an even higher rate of growth in 2014.”

Clearview Security Group LLC, No. 37 “Today’s world of technology has sterilized the business world — a handshake replaced with a text, a voicemail or an email replaces face-to-face interaction,” says VP of Sales David Olcott Sr. “We use technology, but we demand we use old-fashioned, customer-facing service.”

GO Security Solutions, No. 38 (tie) “Our goal is to provide our clients with quality products, exceptional installations and customer-centric service,” says Managing Partner Mike Kotwicki. “We dedicate time to truly understand each client’s business so they can offer a security solution to meet their needs.”

Electric Guard Dog, No. 38 (tie) “We’ve raised brand awareness by hiring outside sales reps to foster personal relationships with our customers; we’ve invested in trade shows and associations in all six of our major verticals; and we’ve become active sponsors and members of cargo theft task forces,” explains CEO Jack DeMao.

ISG Technology, No. 41 “With our ability to provide the full spectrum of data center services, on-premises infrastructure, the necessary bandwidth to connect it all together, and ongoing support, we are able to develop and provide customized solutions,” says Ben Foster, President and CEO.

Intertech Security, No. 43  “We stay on the leading edge of technology and refine our skills and knowledge to bring value to current and future customers,” says President & CEO Ron Petnuch. 

Dakota Security, No. 45 “The ability of our team to solve security problems is what has allowed us to deliver consistent growth in all of our markets,” says President and CEO Eric Yunag.