The National Cancer Institute Embraces PSIM to Improve Situation Response and Security

NCI also sees PSIM solution as a way to standardize and integrate its operating procedures throughout the National Capital Region

Event Simulations -- Unlike previous training exercises, which typically required participation from the general employee population to be realistic and effective, VidSys PSIM software enabled NCI to run tabletop drills without outside help. Simulating real events in the command center by engaging all key systems and technologies, operators and security personnel could now train in realistic scenarios that helped identify the strengths and weaknesses of their response both human and technology-based. Further, after identifying an area for improvement, operators could work with PSIM to update and enhance the solution’s “understanding” of a given area.

One example of the PSIM software as a learning tool came for NCI during a recent fire drill. By tracking and logging the drill as it unfolded, the PSIM software enabled operators to identify and target problem areas (e.g. officer performance, post-drill review of specific decisions made during the event) from NCI video feeds, addressing those weak spots in real time and later using that same footage as a post-drill training tool.

System Intelligence -- Also in line with this VidSys PSIM software’s ’s ability to “learn” from past experiences, the software quickly helped to standardize protocols and processes across NCI, providing operators with a truly apples-to-apples view of events, enabling them to view data from multiple systems side by side to identify and address discrepancies.

The system creates the ability for standardized responses while allowing for flexibility when things do not go as planned. The system establishes a framework through the use of action plans but is not so rigid that the officers cannot make real-time decisions. This flexibility is crucial when trying to save precious time during emergencies.


The Road Ahead

While still in the early stages of its PSIM implementation, NCI has high hopes for the technology and the future security integration of its numerous buildings and campuses. In the coming months, NCI plans to focus on developing more robust, post-event accounting of response procedures based on VidSys PSIM system data as well as increased integration and video sharing with other state, local and federal agencies

The organization is in early-stage discussions with other government agencies about the possibility of creating fully redundant command centers across its numerous locations and says that it sees VidSys PSIM software as the best tool to advancing its security and integration protocols in the years to come.

Through the use of its PSIM, NCI has created a framework to breakdown the technological barriers to sharing data while still maintaining control. This is a great step forward in providing a safer and more streamlined security program.


This case study was a 2013 submission for the Security Innovation Awards.