Tech Trends: Small Form Factor – Pluggable

Security is finally getting on board with SFP technology

Next, it was with pleasant surprise that I spotted at the November Secured Cities Conference ( an IP video camera by TKH ( whose network interface is an SFP module, allowing a number of variations for the physical media. Given that, in the olden days of analog, companies built media converters into the camera housings, so why has it taken this long for a camera company to embrace a built in SFP port? I also spotted a SFP module with a BNC-pigtailed coax protruding to the side while in their booth. TKH had actually engineered an IP over coax link into an SFP form factor. Makes me wonder about POE?

Now 14 years after the introduction of this very useful and sensible communications technology, we are witnessing the broader adoption of this in security. At least we can be sure that the kinks have long been worked out. For my part, I’m hoping to see more application-specific innovation.


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