Security on Campus

Integrators weigh in on how to deploy technology, generate RMR, and ultimately break into the market


Finding RMR

Uniquely, most large campus environments will not be looking for alarm monitoring or other managed services — they have their own hefty IT departments and police departments, so they monitor all the alarms, video and access in-house.

“The best RMR we have on a large campus is our service and maintenance package,” Komisar says.

Still, there is plenty of room to add to those service contracts with the cloud. “For smaller universities, we are doing a lot more managed services, such as remote access control.”

“As technologies evolve and the cloud becomes more prevalent and accepted, security companies have the ability to host systems in highly secure, cloud-based environments,” adds Patitucci. “With this model, a company or institution no longer has to worry about the added cost of procuring and maintaining servers, software licenses, software and hardware upgrades, and/or the personnel to support and monitor those systems.”


Breaking into the Market

As is the case with many market segments, breaking into the campus market will require the proper foundation. “You have to be able to do enterprise-level systems,” Komisar says. “You must have an engineering department and produce AutoCAD drawings. You also need the 24-hour support staff that are certified and trained.”

Still, the basic message for integrators trying to land business in this rapidly expanding market is simple, and it applies to all areas of the security business: “As with any market, learn your customer’s business so that you can truly understand and meet their needs,” Stansell says.
“Learn to become a trusted partner and advisor — not just the ‘sales guy’ that runs in after an event and tries to sell them the latest trinket,” adds Patitucci. “Strive to become a Subject Matter Expert. Become a resource.”


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