Lessons learned in Sandy Hook shootings serve to launch fresh security strategies

Building an interdisciplinary approach to mitigating threats is crucial to a successful plan

“The goal is to give everyone time to assess and react so we are confident that our response is the right response. The key here is to buy enough time to make balanced operational decisions,” Pompano said, adding that the district has also changed operational policy for teachers and students when they leave the confines of the school building, requiring an open line of communication between the teacher and the office. Video cameras have also been expanded to outside play areas.

Perhaps the most challenging issue Pompano and his staff have had to deal with since the incident was the complete overhaul of how school administrators vet and issue credentials to visitors. He admitted that prior to the shootings; school facilities were considerably more accessible to the community. Now there are tighter restrictions on both parent and vendor visiting policies, with an enhanced visitor management and badging system, which has helped cut visitor traffic by almost 50 percent.

“It is crucial to vet everyone who comes onto your campus and into your buildings,” he said.