SRI International showcases its iris recognition technology at ISC West

Ease of use and high throughput rates make this biometric a popular choice

Products that SRI International had on display at ISC West this year included its IOM PassPort, which is a proven iris image, capture system that quickly images the iris of a person in motion and at comfortable distances. The technology combines the extraordinary accuracy of iris recognition with the speed and convenience of a pass-through system.

While other iris scanning technologies require users to stop or stare directly into a scanner, IOM technology works differently. It uses Sarnoff’s patented and cutting edge vision technologies to verify identities at speeds of up to thirty people per minute, allowing subjects to walk through the system at a standard pace, without stopping to look into a scanner.

The new second generation IOM PassPort is now available as a modular and reconfigurable system that has been redesigned to be even more thin and sleek, with a smaller overall footprint.

“It’s more important than ever to have a choice in how security systems are encountered by users,” said Clifton. “We designed the next generation IOM PassPort to be extensively configurable and less obtrusive, so buyers can receive super fast, easy-to-use, and reliable identity verification in a way that makes sense for their particular environment.”

The next generation IOM PassPort system is available in two base configurations, with or without a knee wall and with or without illuminator cabinet covers.  Each configuration can then be further customized for maximum set-up flexibility.

The IOM RapID-Cam II handheld biometric system is also on display. It is ruggedized, handheld device that allows for simple biometric enrollment and identification anywhere in the field. The RapID-Cam II camera can capture dual-iris and facial images up to eighteen inches away—putting a comfortable distance between the user and the subject.

Operation is easy and requires only one hand. Once subjects are enrolled, the system performs identity verification in less than a second. The unit is completely self-contained. Its built-in wireless connectivity with automatic or on-demand synchronization ensures that the latest data is always available in the home office and in the field.

When it comes to an access control compatible device, the IOM N-Glance modular system is an option. The modular identity-verification system allows users to network any number of iris readers to enforce secure access throughout a facility or campus.

SRI also offers a drive-up biometric system which brings the security of iris recognition to vehicle entry points. This breakthrough iris recognition system extends the use of identity authentication to the perimeter.

Easy-to-use and automated, the IOM PassThru biometric system can efficiently replace RFID cards, passcodes, or security guards while adding the ability to know exactly who has just entered the gate. Unlike cards or passcodes, a person’s iris cannot be shared. Access is granted only to a specific individual, not to someone else with that person’s card, password, or fraudulent documentation.

The PassThru iris biometric system performs well in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, regardless of time of day, sun position, or shadows. The fast and easy identity verification process works with drivers in vehicles of various heights—from small coupes to large pickup trucks.

SRI also displayed it flexible biometric system for identity authentication and access control in high-throughput applications. The IOM PassPort SL product leverages the free flow and proven performance of Iris on the Move (IOM) technology with the flexibility of a modular walk-through design.

Customers can easily integrate SRI’s unique face capture and iris recognition components directly into their own turnstiles, infrastructures, or entrances. The versatile configuration minimizes changes in existing operational procedures or hardware.