Tyco opens newly expanded Global Center of Excellence

Company's new digs in Birmingham, Ala. offer wealth of capabilities to customers around the world

In fact, VanDover said that the company can offer a full portfolio of services to continental Europe, Latin America and most environments in Asia with their capabilities in Birmingham. “I’m pretty proud of the capabilities we’ve been able to find, support and grow within this organization in Birmingham,” said VanDover.

Looking at the systems integration industry as a whole, VanDover said that the vast majority of companies are regional players or operate on the lower end of the market. With the opening of the expanded GCoE, VanDover believes that the capabilities they can now offer are “second to none” in the industry and will differentiate them even further from the few other integrators that operate on a global scale.

“It gives us the ability to give a very high-level, integrated solution capability on a very consistent basis across the world for a couple of reasons,” added VanDover. “One is we also have the ability to drive many of our direct companies and their abilities in the local markets where other providers don’t necessarily have that, so we think the mix between the capabilities here, consistency, knowledge and upgraded skills, as well as driving more and more of it through a direct footprint help.”

While the center is not focused on particular vertical markets, VanDover said that it will be primarily used for customers who have a need for “high-end” solutions.

“We can deal with many different verticals. We do have people with vertical knowledge, but having the ability to deal at the PSIM-level systems, the IT-level discussions and being able to go in and deal with the CIO about how we’re going to interface with their network is a key aspect and skill set that we have in this organization,” said VanDover.

Internally, VanDover said that they see the GCoE as a “feeder organization” for the company as a whole. “This is a great place to have people come up through the ranks, learn the technology and move out into different parts of the business,” added VanDover.