Tech Spotlight: Fleet Management Double Play

Use GPS technology to help you manage your customers’ — and your own — vehicles

It is a common refrain among consumers in today’s technology heavy world: “How did I ever get by without my…“smartphone?” or “DVR?” or “tablet?” Here’s another one: GPS.

Global Positioning Systems have been a tool of convenience for several years thanks to their ability to direct weary road warriors to their next destination. What started out as something that people only used when driving in a strange city became commonplace as more smartphone GPS apps popped up. Now, consumers use the technology every day for tasks like searching for new routes to work when traffic is bad.

The rise in use of GPS presents a natural opportunity for security professionals to expand their offerings, given that awareness of one’s environment — a core tenant of security services — is the primary value proposition being offered. The ability to know exactly where someone or something is enables organizations and homeowners to be more proactive about their safety and security. In particular, adding remote surveillance through GPS asset and vehicle tracking services is an effective way for security dealers to expand their portfolios.

Asset tracking capabilities allow dealers to provide an easy solution for tracking fixed or mobile belongings from any remote location. Vehicle tracking, on the other hand, is a more traditional use of GPS technology that enables users to keep tabs of specific vehicles, down to the exact routes, speeds driven and timing of movements. These applications can be useful in both residential and commercial settings — not to mention your own business operations.

The added value extends far beyond practical security. Knowing the physical locations of people and property in real time can also be a business advantage for certain commercial end-users. And in all cases, it presents another ongoing monitoring service that can positively impact the bottom line for businesses, and peace-of-mind for homeowners. And that of course, means more RMR opportunities and stickier customers for dealers.


Helping Businesses See Everything, Everywhere

GPS vehicle tracking technologies are a convenient, cost-effective and easy way for companies to do a number of things, including: recover missing vehicles, keep tabs on company cars and employees, and be more aware of service routes and whereabouts of staff in order to optimize business responsiveness and in the end, save time and money. This is especially effective and useful for commercial customers.

Technology such as Honeywell Total Connect GPS Vehicle Tracking enables businesses to view locations of one or more vehicles at any time. Businesses can use this visibility to boost customer relations by responding more quickly to inquiries, complaints or requests for service. Of course, it is easy to see how this technology can help security dealers and integrators coordinate and track technicians and truck rolls.

GPS asset trackers gather location information from satellites and provide real-time tracking information — including on-demand and historical data — to any enabled device with internet access. This type of GPS technology is ideal for assets like trailers, shipping containers and construction equipment that are typically on a set travel schedule. Using geofencing capabilities, end-users can set boundaries that define allowable movement of assets. When these boundaries are crossed, a notification is sent to the system control center and the appropriate management or administrators are alerted and can move quickly to determine the cause. In the event of a theft or unauthorized use of a company asset, this feature is intrinsic to quickly recovering the vehicle and in reporting instances of theft to authorities.


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