ESX 2014 Roundup

Products, news and more from the show floor in Nashville

Quite a bit of news came out of this week’s ESX show in Nashville, where a few thousand security dealers met to learn more about the state of alarms and monitoring, as well as new developments in the residential market and beyond.

Here’s a roundup of the news and product releases straight from the show floor:

Product Awards

ESX’s annual Maximum Impact Awards honored 20 new and recently introduced products and services that are making a difference for the dealer/integrators and monitoring companies that use them. The awards were delivered by John Cerasuolo, CEO of ADS Security.

Honeywell won four different awards at the show, including its LYNX 7000, which was awarded Best Overall Winner by the judges. LYNX 7000 is a self-contained security and automation system, allowing integrators to expand offerings based on homeowner needs. It allows homeowners to view up to four cameras on the touchscreen, and works with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, allowing homeowners to control the system remotely via mobile devices.

Here’s a list of the rest of the winners:

  • Access Control System: Honeywell, NetAXS-123 5.0 EVL
  • Gate/Door Operator: Linear, GD00Z Garage Door Controller
  • Dealer Company Software: ConnectWise
  • Installation Tools/Testers: iControl Networks, System Installation Wizard
  • Mobile Applications: iControl Networks, Home View 3D
  • Alarm Signal Transmission Equipment: Digital Monitoring Products, CellCom SLZ
  • Annunciators, Bells, Sirens, Strobes: Videofied, Videofied Wi-Fi Panel
  • Fire Detection System: Xtralis, VESDA Laser Quantum (VLQ)
  • Fire/Smoke/Gas Detectors: Xtralis, VESDA-E Series Aspirating Smoke Detectors
  • Wireless Alarm Systems: Honeywell, LYNX 7000
  • Intrusion Alarm Control Panels: Bosch Security Systems, Inc., B Series Control Panel with IP Video Integration
  • Intrusion Sensors/Detectors: Xtralis, ADPRO ProE
  • Automation/Networking and Audio/Video: Bold Technologies, OpenVoice Version 2
  • Home Automation Systems: Honeywell, VISTA Automation Module (VAM)
  • Central Station Software: Bold Technologies, PBXEnterprise
  • Alarm Monitoring: DICE Corporation, Matrix iPBX
  • Dealer Marketing Services: eDist Security, eDist Partner Program
  • GPS/Mobile Tracking: American Two-Way, TotalTrack
  • PERS/Telehealth Monitoring: LogicMark, CaretakerSentry
  • Security as a Service (SaaS): I-View Now, I-View Cloud VSaaS
  • Digital Recording Systems: Hikvision, DS-7716NI-SP/16 Plug n’ Play NVR
  • Video Analytics: I-View Now, I-View Cloud Analytic
  • Video Surveillance System: Smartvue, Smartvue S9M


Getting Tough on Deceptive Sales Practices

ADT held an important press conference at the show outlining its campaign to stop deceptive sales practices — particularly those common among door-to-door alarm dealers. Speakers at the conference included: Larry Harrington, Chief Policy Deputy, The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office; Tom Davis of the North Murfreesboro Alliance; Vector Security’s Pam Petrow, Vice President, Central Station Alarm Association; John Knox, President, Electronic Security Association; and David Bleisch, Chief Legal Officer, ADT.

All of the speakers outlined the problem of deceptive sales practices in door-to-door settings, including an eye-opening undercover video of a portion of a sales training program. “Only a small fraction of consumers who are taken advantage of will ever file a complaint,” Harrington said. “They either don’t know it, or they feel helpless and don’t know what they can do about it. Lying to a consumer to get them to sign a contract violates the law, and the Tennessee Attorney General is working to increase understanding and get people to report these scams.”

Tennessee has been hit hard — in particular in the town of Murfreesboro, where Davis explained that AMP Security has duped more than 4,000 homeowners in the area. “They are targeting yards with alarm company signs, saying they represent Honeywell, ADT and Guardian,” he explained. “They focus on using intense pressure sales tactics and they don’t go away until they get an answer they like.”

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