Manufacturer 1-on-1: Inside Honeywell Fire's Reorganization

Exclusive Q&A on the newly named 'Honeywell Fire Safety'

Rief: There are some brands like NOTIFIER that have exclusive distribution, and there are some engineered systems distributors that can carry more than one of our other lines of fire alarm brands. We don’t plan to combine or change that – we are committed to our multi-brand, multi-channel strategy. And we will continue to invest in the current business model where we train dealers and ESDs, enabling their businesses to bring these products to market. In addition, we’ll continue to provide world class technical support, available in real-time, the latest information and videos and blogs on line, webinars, distributor learning conferences, and extensive customer service assets to ensure our partners are the best fire alarm and emergency communications solvers they can be.

SIW: How do you see this re-organization enabling Honeywell to be more innovative in creating new fire protection products, when these brands appeared to be competing in the past?

Rief: This is an elevation of the fire business within Honeywell, and our multi-brand strategy actually spawns innovation, not squashes it. Now we can focus on the global fire market, which affords us the opportunity to share technology, explore new markets and permit more globalization of our brands.


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