Announcing the 2015 SD&I Fast50

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How the Fast50 is calculated

The companies ranked in the SD&I Fast50 are recognized and ranked based on percentage growth and revenue growth — with their overall ranking balancing those two considerations using a simple but effective algorithm. If we ranked companies purely on revenue growth, it would tend to favor larger companies — this way, the playing field is level for all entrants. We also balance the equation by studying three years of financial change to ensure that high-growth companies aren’t just “flash in the pan” types of businesses, but are able to sustain themselves. It also balances ups and downs. For example, a company on our list could have had negative growth in its first year but then achieved such strong growth in year two that the average was powerfully in the positive. To enter, companies confidentially report to us their most recent fiscal years worth of gross revenues. Using those numbers, we compute the revenue growth and percentage growth for each of their three most recent fiscal years. We average the growth numbers to generate an average revenue growth for the company, and we do the same for the company to create an average percentage growth.Ties result simply because of the formula average of the revenue and percentage ranks — it is a product of one being higher for dollar increase and one being higher in percentage increase. Companies may enter as long as one of their key business efforts is the installation of security solutions (e.g., video, intrusion, access control, perimeter detection, biometrics, etc.). It doesn’t have to be your sole business effort, but it does need to be a definitive part of your firm. 


Why enter:

  • The Fast50, now in its fourth year, has quickly grown to become a widely recognized and sought-after award, with a huge (and FREE) opportunity for a massive amount of positive exposure.

  • Our special algorithm balances percentage growth and revenue growth over a three-year-period; thus evening the playing field for all companies so every firm has an equal chance to earn a ranking in the program.

  • Top firms are recognized and honored at a main-stage event at April’s ISC West show in Las Vegas.
  • The Fast50 are featured in the April 2015 issue of SD&I, with expanded profiles and interviews with the top companies.
  • With an added focus on best practices, top companies will have the chance to share their winning strategies with their peers. Your firm will be seen as cutting-edge and ahead of the curve in terms of business management and growth success.

 *Remember, hard revenue numbers will NOT be published and will be held in the strictest confidence (only a percentage growth will be reported).