Does NICET answer the phone?

****UPDATE: NICET's own Chip Hollis has explained how it works with the phones at NICET. So guys, take a look at the comments section to find Chip's response. Chip even graciously provided his own contact information, should you be facing challenges in reaching them. Let's give NICET a round of applause for paying attention to the needs of their customers and responding to and resolving this issue so quickly! -Geoff


I received this email chain about NICET's response to inquiries. I'm posting it here as a public encouragement for them to improve their office procedures. Unlike other businesses, where if calls aren't returned, you can simply do business with another source to get what you need, NICET operates as a certifying body, and our industry depends on their response times. Because NICET certification is a requirement for some in our industry, if that organization does not return calls and answer issues, it effectively slows down the business of our industry. It's hard enough to make a living in the fire industry these days, so let's not create unnecessary barriers to business. NICET, please listen to the needs of your people and answer the phone. And if there are ways that we at SIW can help our readers reach you, please share them in the comments, or write me via email and I will share those tips. Let's make business happen!

From "Frustrated":

Are the people @ NICET always so hard to reach or is there some magic phone number to call besides the phone number on the website? I cannot get a live person to answer the phone and no one that I leave a message for ever calls back. I have been trying for a couple months so I really do not think this is a "gone on vacation" issue.

From "Still Waiting on a Call", in reply to "Frustrated":

I've never called and gotten a live person. You have to leave a message and wait for them to call you back.

From "Disillusioned with NICET", in response to "Frustrated" and "Still Waiting on a Call":

They don't need to answer the phone. Since NICET is required in several jurisdictions, they have become like a governmental agency. You are at their mercy to return your call and you need to accept their actions.