Rumors, over-heards and leftovers from ASIS 2011

This industry loves gossip as much as any other industry, and being part of the media, it's only natural that we receive a ton of such info in our conversations. Let's run through a few things from the show that aren't really public proclamations, but...

Leftover: Samsung split between IP and analog video is now about 35/65 globally. This was from the company's product manager, so this is a trusted source. These are huge strides for both Samsung and the aforementioned Panasonic, and distributors are saying 30 percent of new cameras sales are going to IP video. No word on how much of the market is HDcctv, as of yet.

Rumor: I'm told by an engineer with a major LCD monitor manufacturer that if you're using LCD panels for your video surveillance monitoring, you really should be running them 20/7, not 24/7. Sure, they'll continue to work around the clock quite safely, but LCD monitors are said to need regular downtime to prevent "burn-in." Rumor credibility rating: 95%. This comes from a guy who makes LCD monitors used for monitoring video surveillance, so why would he lie?

So, what do you think? Are the rumors true? Tell us what you think of this hodge-podge of rumors by using our comments section below.