An FBI operation right out of Hollywood

The FBI issues a number of press releases on its success stories. The bureau is happy to tell the public all about the cases it successfully closed. In fact, there is a regularly (daily) email sent out about cases where they successfully made arrests. They seem especially proud of "Operation Smoking Dragon", where they broke a smuggling operation wide open.

FBI Operation Smoking Dragon counterfeit smuggling ringWhen you read this case, it sounds like something created by the minds of Hollywood scriptwriters. You've got organized Asian crime rings. Fake Viagra. Real crystal meth. Shipping containers stuffed with drugs hidden inside of toy boxes. Cartons upon cartons of fake cigarettes. Stacks of counterfeit "Benjamins" hidden inside bolts of fabric. Chinese-made shoulder-fired missiles. A fake wedding on a luxury yacht which led to the arrest of some overseas guests who were involved in the smuggling.

I thought the FBI did a good job telling the story, so I'll just point you over to their write-up on the case. I can't wait for Hollywood to make the movie; I'm hoping they hire Eddie Murphy so they can call it Beverly Hills Cop 4.