Trade secrets and taxi cams

I don't have much for details on this story, but apparently Advanced EDR Systems has filed a lawsuit against a former camera design firm that has now gone on to create and collaborate with competing surveillance camera company Idrive Inc. The lawsuit alleges that the designer took trade secrets from Advanced EDR Systems and is using those at Idrive.

Advanced EDR Systems' envisionCam for accident investigation and recording of aggressive passengers in taxisBoth companies seem to make the kinds of small surveillance cameras that are used in for-hire vehicles like taxis and small buses; the cameras are GPS-enabled and are often used for capturing either forward-looking information (such as could be used after an accident) or rear-looking (to keep an eye on passengers). The story Advanced EDR Systems is telling is that they hired a design group to help make their envisionCam, and then that same design group went to Idrive, carrying with them trade secrets they obtained from working with Advanced EDR.

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if both companies found that a Chinese manufacturer knocks off both of their products within a few months...that seems to be just how it goes with technology developments these days.