Open and Shut Case--IP Video Rules


Of course, the integrators are here for certification and training and to learn about new products and services and the state of the industry and they got a good look at all that during opening sessions and other case studies and technology updates. Word on the street from integrators is that Milestone is the best platform out there—and the expectations of these installers are never bridled by disappointment. The company currently has about 200 partners and get this—receives two to three requests per day from interested parties wishing to join the program.


Here are some broad brushstrokes of what I’m hearing from integrators so far at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium.


Roger Finger, owner of WatchPoint Video in Portland said the commercial market is stagnant right now, but they are holding steady and still doing well, gearing up for when it all comes back, and he believes that will be this year.


Tim Walsh, vice president of BCI Technologies in Grand Prairie, Texas, focuses on fire alarms and CCTV and is a relatively new partner in the program. The central station company sees IP as the future of the industry.


Lorie Stephenson, president of Camtek Inc. in Spokane, Wash., said she believes the recession is beginning to loosen its grip. But she also emphasizes that most of their business comes from referrals and word of mouth with systems installations well done.


Ed Maddox, vice president of Technical Development for Ojo Technology in Fremont, Calif., said the company says its goal is to usually segregate the network data or create a separate network for IP surveillance and he said it is not an expensive solution at all. They use fiber as much as possible for IP surveillance especially when there are distance limitations. BTW, Ojo is Spanish for ‘eye.’


John Robinson, president of ATGIX in Ridgeland, Miss., specializes in IP video surveillance and also, in IP access control, adding that he’s doing lots of government work in the area.


Shhh, we can’t say too much yet but Dario L. Santana of Gavilan Ventures in San Diego will soon be launching a new company. More to come!   -- Deborah L. O’Mara, editor, SD&I magazine.