100Gbps Ethernet - Seriously I can't wait

I am very excited to finally get to blog on the new SIW v2.0. Lately I have been reading about the development of 100Gbps Ethernet and its getting me excited. Today there are excellent VMS platforms, like Milestone Systems XProtect or ONSSI, that allow you to set up distributed surveillance environments to monitor multiple locations from a single interface BUT the one factor limiting its widespread adoption is bandwidth. Lets face it if you are not careful a ADSL, business cable or even a T1 line will easily be eaten up by just a few cameras but imagine if instead of a 768Kbps or 1.5Mbps upload speed you had 20Mbps or 40Mbps or 100Mbps.

Well, we are getting close. Today we have MetroEthernet providers delivering high speed Ethernet over metropolitan fiber at significantly lower rates than traditional switched packet connections. These providers are already offering speeds of up to 1Gbps but it comes with a price tag that is cost prohibitive for most organizations. Well, I am hoping that with the advent of 100Gbps the cost per Mbps will be reduced to a point where I can go into a customer and install a 10Mbps circuit for the cost of a T1.

Can you imagine...I am giddy. You can read more about 40Gbps and 100Gbps Ethernet here: