Integrators' lessons learned from PSA-TEC 2011

Kermit the Frog famously said: "It's not that easy being green." Here's the lesson from the PSA-TEC event that was held this week in Colorado: "It's not that easy being an integrator." PSA-TEC, held by the PSA Security Network (a purchasing...

I enjoyed a presentation from Dennis Stern at the conference. He's with the law firm Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, and his point was that once you are into a bid situation, it's not so easy to insert your terms. Honestly, most of the attendees at PSA-TEC 2011 weren't from big behemoth residential alarm companies who have no problem getting homeowners to quickly sign a contract without reading it. Rather, your contracts for government and commercial projects are read by your end-users' lawyers. You often have to sign bid contracts where you can't negotiate much about liability issues of the security installation. Nonetheless, Dennis said that you can't just ignore those issues just to get the job r it will come back to bite you. Be clear and concise about your liability protection, and know when to walk away from a project if you can't get your protection. Otherwise, that $150,000 job might cost your company $2 million in a settlement if something ever goes wrong.

Ok, those are four of the best points. I'll share some more with you next week. There was so much good stuff here. If you haven't attended, do so next year. This is one of the best channel-focused events I've ever seen in our industry.