Is the Unabomber responsible for the 1982 Tylenol murders?

There are news reports that the FBI is seeking new DNA samples from Ted Kaczynski, the infamous "Unabomber", for testing in the 1982 still unsolved Chicago area Tylenol murders.

The first reported product tampering case occurred in 1982 when seven people died after taking Tylenol capsules containing cyanide. An individual, whose intent was random killings, placed the tainted capsules on six different store's shelves in the Chicago area. The reward in this still unsolved case offered by Johnson and Johnson still stands today. This one product tampering incident spawned more that 250 "copycat" cases and is responsible for the product tampering safety measures now employed around the world.

In a recent ABC News article by Jason Ryan, "The FBI said Kaczynski was among "numerous individuals" from whom the Bureau tried to obtain voluntary DNA samples as part of a reexamination of the 1982 killings in which seven Chicago residents ingested Tylenol capsules laced with deadly cyanide."

So far, Kaczynski is not cooperating with the efforts to obtain DNA samples and the FBI is in the process of obtaining a court order.

Curtis Baillie - Security Consulting Strategies, LLC