The goals of PublicSafetyWatch


This blog may be sponsored by ADT, but it is not about ADT. It’s about you. It’s about coming together as a group with shared interests and experiences to help each other do the job of helping to keep people safe. Safe in their communities, safe when they are on the way to work, safe in school, safe shopping and safe enjoying themselves at a public park or beach.

Experts and professionals from a variety of organizations, agencies and businesses will be available to provide insights and information on public safety tools and solutions. We will have columnists who specialize in an array of areas including municipal security, school security and transportation. And we will have technology experts and industry leaders, who can talk about the latest cameras, wireless technologies, Internet monitoring, emergency notification, visitor management and access control. But, it can only work if we hear from you. We want to make this a conversation and exchange of ideas. Most importantly we want to hear about your challenges and successes. No one has all of the answers, but working and talking together we can use our experience to help make our communities safer and even better places to live.

So please share your questions, your comments and your ideas. Our goal is to keep the discussion moving, so check back often for new commentary, postings and ideas.

John Gaydos, ADT Federal Systems-- John Gaydos – vice president, ADT Federal Systems and National Accounts