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According to a recent story published in the British tabloid, The Sun, a pilot apparently unhappy with security staff at a London airport allegedly pulled down his pants and exposed himself. A source quoted by the tabloid said that the unidentified pilot had been asked to remove his belt and shoes, at which point he disrobed and asked "Do you want to search this?"

Thirty seven passengers on a Swiss International Airlines flight were delayed and police were called to investigate, but no charges were filed. It's also worth noting that the pilot's alleged outburst happened at a security gate that is not used by the public.

I have to say I respect the Brits reluctance to blow this incident out of proportion, as probably would've been the case here in the U.S. Undoubtedly, the feds would be called in, the pilot would be questioned for hours on end and the whole event would've been ridiculously treated as a threat to national security. 

Fact is, this incident is nothing more than a temper tantrum gone overboard and that's the way the source in the story characterized it.

"Perhaps he was having a bad day," the anonymous source was quoted as saying.