New show "Police POV" looks at police work through officers' own eyes

I just heard from reality televsion channel TruTV that they're launching a new TV program in a couple days called "POLICE POV".

The "POV" element seems to be putting digital cameras on the ears of police officers and then recording what they see. You've already seen similar shows like "COPS" that throw a camera crew in the mix on officers' calls, but this adds a whole new element, by taking away the often clumsy TV crew and putting the TV crew right on the head of the law enforcement professional.

Here's how TruTV describes it:

"POLICE POV allows viewers to experience the danger of police work through the officers' own perspective. With exclusive access to one of the most innovative camera technology ever used by law enforcement, this series will completely immerse viewers into all the drama, suspense and action experience by police officers on the job across the country."

The series premiere runs Sunday, April 17 at 10 p.m. More info at

Here's the flyer. Who's bringing the popcorn?