ISC West 2011 - Day 1 photos

I never promised to be a great photographer, especially with this ancient point-and-shoot, but let me take you on a partial tour of ISC West 2011 that gives you brief glimpses into my first day of the show.

Step 1: Attend early morning press conference with Axis, which is showcasing a really small HDTV PTZ camera. Yes, that is indeed a PTZ in his hand. The company also has a really unique PTZ with a fisheye lens in the center. Hard to explain that one, ask to see it in person. (B&W not because this wasn't in living color, but because my photo skills were so bad that this photo actually looks 10x better without color.)

Step 2: Everyone is queued up to enter the show floor.

Step 3: But first they need to listen to bagpipes, drink orange juice as show promoters tout a "sunny and cheery" tradeshow. Ok, if that's what it takes to get a ribbon cut and get on the show floor, I can do that.

Step 4: Check out the exhibits outside the show itself. Notable here are the "anything-but-mini-dome" massive Samsung dome camera hanging on the ceiling above your head. No that's not a 4-foot image sensor, this is just a non-working promotion. Also checking out Nissan NV service vehicles. Ford's inside on the show floor, but Nissan has a premier spot outside the doors.

Step 5: Meet with vendors. One of them today is Samsung, and while the pictured camera might not be their core product, this robotic camera array looks like something right out of border security.

Step 6: Attend State of Industry Keynote Panel, being moderated by Sandy Jones, with panelists from Panasonic, Siemens, Protection 1 and Microsoft's security department.

Step 7: Check out words of wisdom from HID's CEO Denis Hebert. Today's theme from Hebert was partially on the topic of the future of access and identity and how companies like his are separating the identity from the card/badge itself. The identity exists independent of the medium.