The year of the integrator

The year of the integrator


Could 2011 be the year of the integrator? It seems the writing is on the wall with the emergence of new partner-integrator-reseller programs recently or ready to launch.


Having just returned from the MOBOTIX National Partner Conference East Coast 2011 (it holds two per year) in Atlanta, I struggled with what to write about—because there was so much interesting news and I wanted to focus on something different, just like you strive for a differentiator in your business. Sure, the decentralized platform and storage at the edge was a great topic of the MOBOTIX conference; camera systems versus a ‘device’; new software; the MxPEG compression technology; the T24 hemispheric IP video door station; the company’s growth and  plans for continued U.S. success; and the transition of our market from security to more value in business solutions. But I decided to hone in on a trend I’m seeing throughout the manufacturer space, and that’s the development of partner or reseller programs.


MOBOTIX announced at the conference that they will officially launch a program to attract resellers to the brand and help with their goal to be counted among the top U.S. producers of high resolution cameras in market share. It’s not a far stretch of the imagination that they will be able to do this based on their 180 degree hemispheric technology--but the powerful element here is you the integrator and the role you play in making this happen.

Manufacturers like MOBOTIX and many others have gone down this road recently, Matrix Systems is another one, Niscayah just announced a new dealer program and two others I know of that I can’t release information on until after ISC West because I’m under embargo and I honor that. But the key here is that the power of the industry lies in your hands, in your control, and the manufacturers know and understand this.


The MOBOTIX program, while specific details were not announced, will be based on training and education which is critical. There will be different levels of participation based on sales, etc. And there’s more to come but according to MOBOTIX Chief Sales Officer Dr. Magnus Ekerot the Channel Partner Program will be a selective program that will focus on the quality of the reseller, not quantity of equipment sold. “It’s a loyalty program that will be rolled out over the next months and most of it is in place but we don’t want to fully launch it until everything is in place,” he told NPC attendees, some 150 systems integrators, many of whom indicated by a show of hands that they are new to the MOBOTIX product line. 


“We need to improve our message. We are a total solution vendor; we’re not just selling cameras, we’re selling solutions,” he said. The ‘advanced’ level of partners will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements and will be able to do field testing of new products, Ekerot added. 


MOBOTIX continues to affirm its commitment to the U.S. market and built an impressive demonstration center in New York City. According to Steve Gorski, general manager of the Americas for MOBOTIX, training, education and support is critical for systems integrators and MOBOTIX plans to deliver with ramped up classes, online support, road shows and other educational events. “We’re well-positioned to help our partners with challenges in the marketplace,” Gorski said. “This is a great industry and a great time and there are great opportunities. We’re positioned well for it,” he said.   Close to one dozen training courses in MOBOTIX Certification are on the books for 2011.


“We want to gain loyalty from systems integrators,” he added. 


See, everybody wants you and you drive the market. Now get in there and take the road you need to—get the IT experience and the networking background and keep learning. Manufacturers are here to help. –Deborah O’Mara, editor, SD&I magazine