Decentralizing cellular coverage even more?

Could this little unit change how we move security alarm signals?

The LightRadio

What you're looking is a photo of a palm-sized device called LightRadio, and CNNMoney has a great summary article on this device and how it can decentralize the cellular industry.

Often, I find myself thinking about where the consumer electronics industry and the professional security industry intersect, and this to me seems the perfect example of a new intersection. Once deployed, these devices do three primary things:

  • They extend coverage into niche areas, since these little radio repeater units work in a couple-block area.
  • They allow more data usage on the network, which is good because apparently our uptake on cellular data usage is going through the roof thanks to those snazzy iPhones and Droids (and even   Windows phones) everyone seems to own.
  • They allow for a more modular, add-coverage-and-bandwidth-as-you-go system for cellular companies to grow their networks.

So how could this type of technology impact our industry?

  • More coverage (or perhaps redundant/reinforced coverage) to your alarm customers whose primary connection path is cellular
  • Allowance for growth of data usage at your residential and commercial installations. Can you say remote video access?

Of course, this is still laboratory technology today, but the timing seems good considering our drop-off in landline-connected subscribers.