My opinion on licensing...and the response

My opinion on licensing…and the response I recently posted a blog stating my opinion on the proposed New York licensing bill . I received...

Another point that was not mentioned by the opponents was that while having a NY State license to monitor in NY was claimed to be "ineffective, unenforceable, expensive, intrusive", and whatever else, it is one thing for sure, and that is supreme to any local town, village or city license regulating the same operations. What I am getting to here is that having a State license precludes localities from passing their own ineffective, unenforceable, expensive, and intrusive legislation. a state license will protect monitoring stations from local communities who, whether well intentioned or only wanting to raise revenue, pass their own laws regulating monitoring stations.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your interest in this matter and your publication of the views of the interested parties. I do request that you publish the above comments, in their entirety, without editing.”-- Joseph Hayes, President, NYBFAA


My response to Joseph Hayes

“I thank you for your comments and responding to my blog. As an award-winning journalist and member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi and The Chicago Headline Club I am fully aware of the role of a professional journalist and continue to follow my ‘creed’ to the letter of its extent.

I believe you are referring to my blog on, which in effect is an editorial opinion—an online one—and one in which I decided to take a certain stance based on the issues at hand and the opinion I received from talking to both opponents and proponents. Therefore, it is an editorial opinion, but one which was formed by the true letter of the law of journalism—looking at both sides of the story. In addition, although I contacted you directly for opinion via telephone prior to that, and I also spoke in length to Dale Eller, I did not receive a telephone call in return.  I have talked to John Lombardi several times and he remains a good source and contact for me on this issue. I also did a precursor story in the February issue of SD&I magazine ( in which I simply presented the facts, in the matter you represent as being “the primary function of journalism and journalists.”

I am happy to publish your comments in my blog as a ‘counterpoint.’ However, as the editor in chief of one of the long-running and highly respected publications in the industry, I do reserve the right to edit for space and content.

I thank you for writing and for your pursuit of professionalism in the industry.”—Deborah O’Mara, editor in chief, Security Dealer & Integrator magazine