Imagine That!

Clever nomenclature -- all on-board -- is just the crux of a new product to be rolled out July 11 by DMP in Springfield, Mo. It's truly one panel with everything a dealer needs to close sales, including a two-way wireless receiver along with network, cellular and dialer communications in a single enclosure. The XT Series (see product announcement) is a burglary, fire, door access panel that can be customized to include any or all of those communications methods -- depending on the customer's needs. Since they are all "on board" no additional enclosures, cabling or connections are required.  There's tons of cool features and expandability. I especially liked the Attrition Detection (TM) feature. which sends a message to the central monitoring station that the system hasn't been in use (armed or disarmed).  With this feature the dealer can contact the user to see what's up.

--Deborah L. O'Mara