GeekWeekly - RFID Tags

In earlier blogs we have talked about RFID technology. Here's an article that appeared last week in "geekweekly"
Written by Michelle V. Rafter.

RFID Tags Are Tracking Your Every Move

By Michelle V. Rafter - Contributor to "geekweekly"

If you did some skiing last season, you might have used a lift ticket with a tiny RFID tag buried inside that activated the chair lift gates -- and tallied how many runs you took.

 Look closely, and you’ll see tags that use radio frequency identification everywhere, from lift tickets to credit cards and passports to pets. Companies like Wal-Mart have used RFID for years to track pallets of merchandise from the warehouse to the store shelf. But as the technology shrinks and costs drop, RFID is showing up in all kinds of consumer settings, including applications such as dressing room mirrors and smartphones.

RFID tags are even being used to track people, a development that has security experts and privacy advocates more than a little concerned. “There are some ethical and moral responsibilities there,†says Curtis Baillie, a longtime retail security consultant in West Chester, Pennsylvania. “There is great potential for it to be misused if somebody wanted to.†Read the entire story.

- Curtis Baillie