Taking a hard line on New York licensing

Taking a hard line on New York licensing   Sometimes trade publications are considered fluff and not hard hitting or good at taking a stance on issues. It may be true: we are trying to benefit the industry and don’t want to make enemies. Sure...


Another reality: there are a significant number of consumers who would be affected by this new legislation centered on the central monitoring station. SD&I sources have indicated the number of monitored customer accounts in New York are in the seven figures.


Let’s not forget the opinion of the Central Station Alarm Association who “opposes the proposed New York Licensing bill,” in a statement distributed to media. “CSAA’s official position on this matter represents the will not only of its board and members but also numerous non-members in the central station industry who have communicated their concerns to CSAA about the proposed New YorkState licensing legislation.” In an exclusive interview with Ed Bonifas, vice president of Alarm Detection Systems of Illinois and president of the Central Station Alarm Association, “CSAA is actively looking at proposing a national licensing bill and will look to move forward quickly in that direction.” This is the positive action that is necessary. 


I decided to take the stance—that this action or any further action now or in May by the NYBFAA—would be detrimental to the industry. I am doing this because never before has there been a story in which there is a unified front by so many major players in the industry—competitors if you will—so I am going on more than instincts that it isn’t a good thing. We as an industry need to think about our customers, our image, what’s best for the industry to move forward in a unified front. We need to work with CSAA on promoting national licensing efforts, as they plan to do through the Alarm Industry Communications Committee. They will get to the real issue and get this resolved so we can all move on and to greater things—like trying to get more than 20 percent of our customers in the residential market using our systems!


What do you think? I want to hear from you and publish more comments in this space. I can send you the letters that have been sent by the major players and will work to post those later in this space. You can e-mail me at Deborah.omara@cygnusb2b.com. This is your industry and your time to speak your mind!–Deborah L. O’Mara, editor in chief, Security Dealer & Integrator magazine