Grow with SD&I, and “Like” Us

We’ve been a part of the social circle for a while now (check out Editor Deborah O’Mara’s Tweets on but we wanted to step up our interactive A-game with our Facebook account. You’ll see Editor Deborah O’Mara, Publisher Carol Enman and myself utilizing our page to update you with all that is going on with SD&I, at tradeshows, with the security industry; and more.

Re-launched a few weeks ago, we are making sure we are keeping up with the times—something that dealers, systems integrators and other security professionals should be doing to promote their business activities as well. After all, it’s a free tool that can be utilized to keep your customers aware as to what’s going on with your business. If you missed what dealers, integrators and organizations are doing this right now, check out SD&I’s January issue story, “Don’t Be Anti-Social” in the archive section of our site. And if Facebook is not your cup of tea, there are a plethora of other social tools that you can turn to: LinkedIn; Youtube; Wordpress; and more.

Be sure to check out Security Dealer & Integrator’s Facebook.

Whether you “like” us or not, I hope this post was somewhat of an eye-opener to those that turn away at the mere mention of the word “social.” Coming from someone that for a long time was anti-Facebook and anti-Myspace, change is not always bad if you’re on top of what is going on, online. Good things can happen once you tune in and clear out the static. Here’s hoping that your next online interaction is a positive one!

-Natalia Kosk, assistant editor, Security Dealer & Integrator magazine