IP camera goes to new heights - literally!

Taking IP cameras to new heights sounds like something you would hear in a press release, but in this case they were being literal. Here's the story:

The Esrange Space Center at the Swedish Space Corporation sent a high altitude balloon equipped with atmospheric physics research tools up to 35 000 meters. When the tests were completed the 100 000 m³ balloon was brought down with three parachutes. The Esrange Space Center has sent up over 550 stratospheric balloons since 1974. Unique to this launch was that the parachutes were equipped with a network camera from Axis, the AXIS Q6034-E, which made it possible for the researchers to validate the parachute system and the landing with high quality images in real time from Earth. The balloon landed in northern Finland, which required the wireless network to have a reach of 400 km. [quoted from an Axis press release]

I watched the video and couldn't spot any shoplifters or trespassers, but it did provide an amazing view of our planet. Watch the video: