HDcctv Alliance builds momentum

One month ago today, I was walking the show floor at ASIS 2010 in Dallas, Texas where I spoke with Todd Rockoff, executive director of the HDcctv Alliance. The alliance, which is dedicated to promoting interoperability standards among high-definition, analog security devices, has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception a couple of years ago.

When I last met with the alliance at ISC West 2010, the group had just over 20 member companies. According to Rockoff, that number has now nearly doubled to 45 member companies and growing.

While most innovation in the surveillance industry is now almost exclusively IP, the fact remains that there are still a lot of legacy installations, such as convenience stores and other small businesses, that will not be making the migration due to financial reasons.

"The fact is IP cameras are not ideal for all installations," Rockoff said.

The HDcctv Alliance also recently ratified its compliance certification program, which will allow the products of manufacturers that comply with standards established by the alliance to bear the group's logo.

"The delivery of the HDcctv Alliance Compliance Test program is a major milestone for the industry. In little over a year, the HDcctv Alliance has developed a comprehensive standard that provides an easy to use and install, all-digital, high-resolution, high-definition video interface to the CCTV industry. The addition of a practical method to prove compliance to this standard ensures that any interconnected HDcctv-compliant products are guaranteed to interoperate," said John Hudson, HDcctv Alliance Technical committee chair in a statement.

For more information about the alliance, visit www.highdefcctv.org.