Does consumer phone tech drive security camera sensor evolution?

I often watch the consumer technology market because it seems that, especially with video surveillance, things that appear in the consumer video market eventually trickle down to the professional surveillance market. This sensor might be one of...

Oh, and as a side note, I see some possibilities for these consumer HD video camera phones as eventually creating trickle-down applications for manned security. Picture the security officer with a fairly inexpensive, body-worn video recording device that he/she could activate when responding to an incident. We've already seen officer-worn cameras that retail for a few hundred dollars, but what if you could get the price down to less than $100? The implication then is that the officer might purchase it him/herself, just as they often have to purchase all of their duty gear (belt, light, weapon, etc.). The challenges for this mobile, body-worn application clearly would be in areas of image stabilization, cost and low-light sensitivity, but if you believe the press release above, sensor companies are rapidly improving in those areas.