More show floor pictures from ASIS 2010

I didn't take as many photos at ASIS 2010 as I normally do. I think that means I must have been talking too much. I finally had a chance today to dig into my camera's memory card to post some pictures and explain them a little. Let's run through them...

This was one of the more impressive camera installations on the show floor. What you're looking at is the Sony XI's long-range camera solution. One camera pans across a very long-range scene (think ports, wide-open perimeters, etc.) and creates a video image to be used for overall situational awarness, while the second camera is instructed using Sony's analytics to watch certain elements of great interest in that scene. This is the first time this camera solution has come to the U.S.; it uses some really sharp imaging technology that comes from Sony's broadcast film/TV division.

Sony ASIS 2010 command center display

Sony also has a command center set up for booth visitors to get their hands on with the company's overall video solutions.

STE Innovation Awards presented to Port of Los Angeles

Security Technology Executive magazine's publisher/editor-in-chief Steve Lasky presents the gold award to Captain Don Farrell of the Los Angeles Port Police. The Port of LA was recognized for an innovative project that was done with the help of Verint, SAIC and NICE Systems.

That's it for the photos right now, though I have some other neat post-ASIS stuff coming. Stay tuned.