The Tipping Point Is Now

What does security have to do with energy? To the average consumer, it may not mean much and the two might rather seem to be separate components. Let’s backtrack. We could all remember the days as children, when power consumption and the term “energy...

“Major blackouts that cover a lot of geography is where we feel the pain—that is where you will see the policy change that Paul is talking about,” explained Jeff Drees, president, Schneider Electric, U.S. “Over time, you’re going to see a decrease of energy consumption as a result of these smart grids and energy efficient technologies.”

“The technologies to promote smart grids are already being adopted,” added John Schinter, executive director of Energy for AT&T, Dallas. “Broadband, wireless technology, remote monitoring—these are all things we’re already seeing. Intelligent controls and devices and wireless technologies are substantially decreasing energy costs. Controls are the way of the future and we have to continue to embrace that,” he continued.

A sneak peak
Want to see what’s coming down the technology pipeline in smart grid technology from Schneider? Here’s a look at some of the innovative solutions and concepts debuted at the event.

The Cassia Energy Management System (EMS), an in-room energy solution for hotels and other multi-unit facilities, uses room automation and energy monitoring software to increase efficiencies in three areas of major consumption – heating, cooling and lighting. In each room, battery-powered thermostats, lighting controls and sensors are deployed and communicate via Zigbee® state-of-the-art wireless technology. Since the components of the in-room system utilize wireless technology, a simple, nonintrusive retrofit of equipment can be easily accomplished with quick installation turnaround times.

MachineStruxure™ architecture, a comprehensive automation solution for industrial machines, leverages the benefits of four machine control platforms all housed under the SoMachine™ software suite, designed to program all machines. With MachineStruxure, embedded intelligence is available within four platforms – logic controllers, HMI controllers, drive controllers, and motion controllers, allowing the optimization of machines for energy efficiency.

Also included within the MachineStruxure platform are:
• the Altivar® IMC, an integrated controller card for Altivar 61 & 71 variable-speed drives;
• the Magelis® XBT GC HMI Controller;
• the Modicon® LMC058, an intelligent controller integrating motion and logic in one product; and
• the Modicon® M238 and M258 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).