Security apps for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad

Ok, it seems that everyone and their brother is creating an iPhone app these days, which is why the App store is estimated to have 267,000 active applications available (over 6.5 billion downloads!). So let’s create a run-down of security-industry related applications in the app store. I’ll start with a short list, and if you’d like, add any you want to mention to the comments area with a link to the App store. Buyer beware, however. Some of these apps are better than others. You’d be smart to check the ratings and user comments. Some apps are clearly unauthorized and don’t get the support you’d need.

P.S. Here’s a great tip for finding apps in the Apple Applications store using Google and keywords. Simply go to and in Google's search box put in this text: keywords go here

Put your keywords in place of “keywords go here” (and don’t use the quotation marks). It will specifically search the U.S. iTunes app store for iPod, iTouch and iPad on any keywords you want.

ADT Pulse -- Home automation, alarm system control, surveillance camera viewing

Control4 My Home -- Home automation and security control systems (including cameras)

Honeywell Total Connect -- Provides access to Honeywell alarm systems, Honeywell IP surveillance cameras; designed for homeowners, small biz owners to watch their premises

NVR Viewer (for ExacqVision NVRs) -- Nice little app to access Exacq’s NVRs; there is also a demo (free) version here

Smartvue S9 -- Allows users to access IP video cameras and Smartvue NVRs to watch video surveillance live and see recordings

The Veracity App -- Designed for Veracity resellers, features info on product compatibility, product info, where to buy

iCamViewer -- From CCTV Camera Pros, this app lets you watch up to eight IP surveillance cameras or feeds from Vivotek and Zavio NVRs

Creston Mobile Pro -- Home automation app that also controls security

EyeSeeU (Video Surveillance) -- Basic app for connecting to IP video cameras, but doesn’t support MPEG4 or H.264

NextView Remote Video Camera Surveillance -- App for accessing your paid account with the NextView video service so you can access your NextView cameras and also tied in with the alarm system

iRa Pro -- This app from Lextech Labs lets you watch surveillance video, and supports Milestone, OnSSI, JVC and Axis servers/encoders, plus a lot of cameras (e.g., Axis, Linksys, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba)

Surveillent IP Camera Viewer -- Yet another app for watching IP video surveillance…

Total Control -- Even yet another app for watching IP video surveillance; supports just a single stream

Viewer for Axis Cams -- Just like the name of the application says, you can watch Axis IP surveillance cameras

Cavu Pro Video Surveillance -- From videoNEXT; requires the purchase of videoNEXT’s SKM-Cirrus video management software

TeleEye iView -- App allows user to connect to TeleEye cameras and video servers

Lorex Live -- An app that lets you access Lorex DVRs

Bluetooth Door Opener -- Allows the iPhone to open doors, gates, and access control devices and disarm alarms that use Bluetooth

CPI Security inTouch System -- Designed to give CPI Security’s alarm customers full remote control of their systems App -- It “lets you monitor and control your security system in real-time from anywhere”; includes home automation controls, surveillance cameras, light controls and more – if you have those…

DSC Alarm Monitor -- Lets users connect to their DSC alarm systems; offers simple arm/disarm and system status updates.

[OK, so here's the deal with comments on this post. You can link to and mention and promote any iPod, iPad or iTouch app that is related to security. Please do! Let's try to make a pretty comprehensive list on this blog! But if you promote an app, the link has to be to the iTunes/Apple site, not to your own website. If you can't link to the app, read my pointers above, and use links similar to how I presented them for the above. If you end up promoting an app that I don't think is related to security, I'm going to axe your comment so you don't spam my blog. People are welcome to post any comments they have about security "apps" for the Apple products; tell us what you love and what you hate. I know you can do this on the reviews part of the app store, so if you don't do it here, c'est la vie.]