More on those bank robbery surveillance stills

I wrote recently about the interlacing problem on some bank robbery video surveillance stills of two suspected robbers leaving an Atlanta area bank, and I received the following note from an SIW reader today:

Dear Geoff,

Saw your article on interlaced cameras.

I'm Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP, a video software company. I believe the issue with those still images was they weren't de-interlaced properly.

Using our Ikena software, we were able to enhance one of the suspect's faces using our software. If we had access to the original video, I'm sure we could do an even better job on both photos. I've attached an example, and if the FBI were interested, we'd be happy to process the other example at no charge.


Sean Varah, CEO, MotionDSP

Sean, thanks for reading The Security Check; I'm running the photos below. The first is the original that I published in the original blog post, and the second is the good work that Sean & crew at MotionDSP did to de-interlace the video. I think it's obvious which is the better still. Clearly de-interlacing doesn't produce a perfect still, but I'd say there is an improvement here.


P.S. I hope someone catches these bozos who looked straight at the camera.