Don't read this!

Don’t read this!

Hah, gotcha! Well, I do want you to read the latest issue of SD&I magazine so I’m glad I caught your attention. You can go to our landing page here on SIW and find the archives of the issue, or you can access our digital edition flip book ( which is fast and easy to use. Be sure to check out the story by well-known analog-IP expert Dr. Bob Banerjee of NICE Systems, or the fantastic and all-telling story by Jeff Kessler of Imperial Capital. Our vertical market focus is on the enterprise so you won’t want to miss it, or the story on project management by Assistant Editor Natalia Kosk. Then there’s the article on storage and an equally compelling dealer profile read on VisionTec Solutions and their work with a well-known New York City meat purveyor. I could wax on about all the valuable content, but why don’t you check it out for yourselves? BTW, the printed copy is mailing right now so you should have it shortly.  Deborah O’Mara, SD&I magazine