Honeywell Triple Feature Gets the Word Out

Honeywell Triple Feature gets the word out

Reports over the death of POTS have not been ‘greatly exaggerated’(—Mark Twain) and manufacturers like Honeywell have feet on the streets to educate integrators, end users and the consulting and specification industries on alternative communications technologies.  Yesterday’s Triple Feature Event by Honeywell in Arlington Heights, Ill., drew some 50 or so attendees who networked and then were treated to three different video presentations…hence the feature-movie theme and vignettes focusing on the death of POTS and major changes in telecommunications;  managed access control;  and the migration of IP in video systems.

John A. Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Honeywell Access Systems, Oak Creek, Wis., was pleased with the event turnout and the opportunity for the company to educate the community about how quickly things are changing and how these folks can be more profitable in the future.  “We know VoIP is not as reliable as we had once thought, so GSM radio has become critical as a primary communications method. We also know traditional phone lines are going away.” He added that managed access control is a great way for an integrator to bring value to customers and their solutions.  

Attendees were treated to a buffet and the opportunity to participate in a drawing for a iPad.   

Luis Marrero, president and owner of Chicago Communication Systems in Elk Grove Village, Ill., said he specializes in the commercial and industrial verticals and that those markets have become quite tight--so he came to learn about new business opportunities. He said training on new technologies is one of the big obstacles for his company and he avails himself to free manufacturer and distributor sessions to keep his costs down, yet learn so he can grow.  Rob Baaske of Leading Edge Technology in Rockford, Ill., was also at the event and told me he was interested in the IP side of the business, and recently did a large installation for a local municipality.   

The bottom line: if integrators change their way of thinking they can make more RMR and a stickier customer.    – Deborah L. O’Mara, editor, Security Dealer & Integrator magazine