Final thoughts: the pulse of PSA…creating relevance

Final thoughts: the pulse of PSA…creating relevance   The pulse of PSA-Tec® was strong and unwaivering, and the conference ended last week with systems integrators learning new ways to garner recurring revenue.  Many of the sessions focused...

 Sandy Jones—“I have called all you in the industry magicians. You take the most divergent products and make them work together.”

Bill Bozeman—“The lack of credit is a definite issue. I met with a large banker recently and I’m worried that the banks aren’t going to lend you money. They just aren’t interested in lending money to a customer who can’t show regular and strong monthly income. But this banker…he also sees the future in managed services. But are the integrators going to make the change in time or are others, even from outside the industry, going to do it first? It’s going to be the smart integrators who will be able to grow their business in an extraordinarily difficult contracting environment. You’ll be more successful if you hire someone who knows the technology, so you can concentrate on the business.”

Richard Chace—The CSI Master Format 25, 27 and 28 are critical for the integrators to understand if they are going to succeed going forward.  One of our primary missions at SIA is to bring as many people together across the table so we can so we can do things right. We also need to understand the needs and demands of the customer and how critical it is to maintain that feedback. There’s also demand from the end user for standards and regulatory activities are bearing down on the industry. The network is the holy grail of how they [the end user] is going to grow their business and they know this. Position yourself as the bridge between physical security and IT. You own the space and it’s yours to own. ”

David Carter—“There’s ever-increasing demand for all things video and all things mobile and all things wireless.  Our biggest concern is growing RMR, our second biggest concern is technology changes. We have to concentrate on getting more business from the customers we have with GSM radio as a primary and back up and PERs and in the development of additional products and services…this is where we are seeing potential for growth. “ Carter advised the audience to “pick out your peers you know and respect and put together an advisory group and meet once a quarter.”