History Channel focuses on security technology

If you have the History Channel on your TV, tune into the "Modern Marvels" program on Thursday, May 20, to watch a show that promises to be packed with good security information. According to a blurb on the show's website (History.com), the May 20th episode titled Keep Out, will focus on bank vaults and bank security, nuclear waste protection, a profile of Master Lock, and even biometric locks. There is also a focus on U.S. Customs & Border Protection operations, and a look at a vehicle barrier design that uses steel nets.

Here's what History.com says about the upcoming program: "Either someone has something to protect, or it's dangerous in there. Challenge the world's best safecracker to defeat a bank vault, and see the methods a bank uses to protect its money and tellers. Travel to New Mexico to find out how the government plans to keep people away from a nuclear waste site for the next 10,000 years. Tour Master Lock to see how padlocks and combination locks are made, as well as how facial recognition, irises, and even vein structure can "unlock" biometric locks. With Customs and Border Protection, watch how officers stop illegals and contraband from entering the U.S. Tour a company that specializes in making products like steel nets to keep out people and vehicles. Visit a command center that monitors all airspace in and around the U.S. Finally, see how cages and other deterrents tell sharks to KEEP OUT!"

This week's show, "Modern Marvels: Breaking Point" (May 13, 2010) had a great look at the testing processes inside Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and a re-run of a prior episode, "Modern Marvels: Hot & Spicy", had a great look Security Equipment Corporation's production of the Sabre brand pepper spray.