Open Solutions Lead the Way

If you’re not already investing in open solutions, there’s no time like the present to start. Open platform IP video management specialist Milestone Systems, partnered with Arecont Vision and Pivot3 , took their Complete IP Solution Show on the...

And with companies adding more high resolution cameras to one unified video surveillance solution, knowing your options and the differentiations between megapixel and High Definition (HD) is also key.

“We are constantly revamping our product offering to decrease size, increase performance and reduce cost,” explained Wayne Ridinger, midwest region sales manager, Arecont Vision, Glendale, Calif. “Now, what the user wants is something of forensic value after an event has occurred and that is something we’ve never been able to do before. One of the hurdles manufacturers have been challenged with is that HD does not scale beyond 1080p. We’re seeing more camera manufacturers providing megapixel cameras not in HD format and there are still challenges for H.264 beyond HD. As we move more into the megapixel world, we have cameras that have more functionality. Thus, the integration of open platforms becomes very important,” he continued.

The ‘integration’ message is clear and as manufacturers move to adopting ONVIF, PSIA and other standards, video surveillance and other security solutions is only going to go deeper into the integration of products, according to Palmquist.

In today’s market, every single manufacturer does H.264 implementation differently,” he explained. “As security products adapt more to standards, there will be more of a balance in the industry.”

The Complete IP Solution Roadshow continues with its next stop on May 19th in Atlanta and final stop on June 9th in New York, N.Y. For more information, visit

Natalia Kosk
Assistant Editor, Security Dealer & Integrator