Caught on Camera: FBI Gives Surveillance Tips for Businesses

This recent video, Caught on Camera, was created by the FBI’s Operational Technology Division to show business owners how their security cameras can aid law enforcement investigations and even help solve terrorist attacks. The video might look a little like an episode of CSI, but it paints a clear picture of how well-placed, well-lit, fully operational surveillance cameras can make a difference in crime.

The video covers five ‘must have’ features of a successful business surveillance system:
-          Effective camera position
-          High resolution, recognition quality images
-          Proper lighting
-          Ability to capture image detail
-          Regular maintenance and testing
FBI surveillance camera video
After watching it, we asked ADT Public Safety Advisor, Patrick V. Fiel to weigh in on the Bureau’s video and their message to business owners.
He said, “I’m a firm believer that surveillance cameras are an effective crime deterrent and an aid to law enforcement and other emergency personnel. The key to successful implementation is effective planning, quality camera resolution, efficient placement, proper monitoring and training.”
He also noted that budgeting for a surveillance system has to be part of a businesses security plan because, he said, “There are millions of cameras out there today, but unfortunately without a budget to maintain and service the cameras, those systems can become ineffective.” 
-- PSW Staff