Campus security technology statistics

Last week, on April 8, I hosted a webinar titled "The Convergent Campus: Integrating Security Technologies the Right Way" with representatives from The CBORD Group, L-1 Identity Solutions and Cisco.  Our program was focused on campus technology deployments that could tie-in a myriad of campus systems. We covered integrated technology systems that ranged from campus "one card" solutions for meal plans, access control and facility privileges; biometrics for access control, authentication and support of one-card solutions; and also the linking of security technologies like campus emergency phones, video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, campus police communications and remote monitoring. I think our presenters did a wonderful job of showing what the campus of the future could look like in the program. If you haven't watched the webinar, you can watch the archived program here (available through April 8, 2011).

As part of the webinar, I asked our audience members to respond to some poll questions about their concerns and use of technology, and I wanted to share these numbers with my blog readers. For your reference, about 100 of the people who were attending the live program made a point to answer these poll questions for us, and I think the numbers are strong enough to provide a statistical sense of technology usage on university campuses.

We found that access control (82%) and meal plans (61%) were the top drivers for campus one-card programs. Some 16% of our respondents use biometrics for access control on their campuses, while 64% still have no short-term plans to use biometrics. Top priorities for improving campus security technology included access control (36%) and video surveillance (29%). Check out the full data below:


Use of one-card programs on university campuses


Use of biometrics on university campuses


University campus security and safety concerns

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