We've been robbed

We’ve been robbed! My local bank  has been the site of two robberies, in less than one week’s time. So much for heading there to withdraw some cash, LOL! The surveillance camera captured the mug of the first bank heist guy, but you couldn’t see much because he had a cap on and sunglasses. Didn’t look like a high res megapixel camera, that’s for sure. The local paper printed the footage from the surveillance camera. Just yesterday, they were robbed again. And guess what? Today they have an armed guard at the bank from a private security force. Talk about reactionary rather than proactive. What are the odds they would hit the bank three times? Banks don’t seem to be keeping up with technology. I know guards still serve a vital purpose, but isn’t this a step back? I wonder what has to happen for this vertical market to ‘get it’—do gunshots have to ring out? – Deborah O’Mara