Capitol security needs improvement

How important is security at our state Capitols? The answer seems obvious to security professionals but the reality is, security at many Capitol buildings is seriously lacking. A shooting in January was a wake up call for officials in Texas; and state officials in Minnesota simply rely on hope to keep their government facilities safe with an open access security policy.

Big 3 Okay Capitol Security——3/9/10
The Texas Capitol is in the process of amping up security after a shooting earlier this year. The Department of Public Safety has acknowledged the need for increased security by authorizing bike patrollers, bomb-sniffing dogs, a mass notification system and more in-depth training for security officers.

Security Concerns Over Capitol Being Too Open—WCCO (Minneapolis, Minn.)—3/8/10
Budget woes and a firm belief that openness is good thing are to blame for the almost non-existent security at the Minnesota Capitol. No metal detectors and unrestricted access leaves the security responsibility up to a few trained officers.

State Capitols may be painting red targets on their backs with serious security deficiencies. They have to be prepared before a security breach occurs. It is better to anticipate security threats then to react to them. A lesson we hope more of our state Capitol buildings don’t have to learn the hard way.