Commonsense Census Security

There is concern about security with the 2010 Census. The concern is not about the form itself, but what happens if you ignore the form or fail to mail it back. In this day and age of identity theft Census official are warning people what may happen and how to combat identity theft.

 If you fail to send in the completed Census form you will receive a knock on your door from a Census Taker who will ask for the information. Here’s the issue – this is a prime opportunity for identity theft thieves to steal your personal information and commit fraudulent thefts using your name and identification. A legitimate Census Taker will have government issued identification card and must show you an alternate form of ID, if you ask for it. They will never ask for your Social Security number, driver’s license number or bank account numbers. If someone purporting to be from the Census Bureau asks you for personal identification information, slam the door on them and immediately call the police.
The Census form only asks 10 questions and is the shortest in history. Take the time to fill out the form, send it back and avoid someone having to come to your door. It’s just common sense.

Curtis baillie - Security Consulting Strategies